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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Marmonite Motorway

I had a rather interesting lunch walk today.  Things I saw:
1.  An older woman going into the dollar store wearing pajama pants.  They were blue with white clouds all over them.  Rock on, Grandma.
2.  A hair salon that I hadn't seen before... it was called "Curl Up and Dye".  The name is so cute, I may just have to check them out.  It turns out that salons that use the play on words are called "hair puns" and there are lots of web references.  I found this link while searching for hair salon names... it's called "Hair Salon Names That Would Also Work As Steven Segal Movies".  Kinda funny.
3.  A guy in a very strange wheelchair that was doing Mach 1 across Main Street.  You know how the umbrella type baby stroller handles are made?  That's actually what this kinda looked like:  a beefed up baby stroller with a turbo charger underneath.  Today is a day I wish I'd had my camera with me.  Of course, I only see interesting stuff when I DON'T have the flippin' camera.
4.  A very friendly young man with Down's Syndrome.  He stuck out his hand as soon as I got close enough to grasp it, and after shaking hands, he handed me a foam Spiderman ball.  I remarked (rather loudly, as I forgot that just because I was wearing headphones didn't mean everyone else was deaf) how cool his ball was.  His name was Jimmy.  Sometimes I wonder about slow people.  They always seem so happy.  Maybe that's the compensation for not being all there.
5.  And the last interesting thing I saw was a quite cute guy in a white truck with blue trim, with whom I exchanged smiles... and I know I saw him looking back in his rearview mirror at me.  I half expected him to circle back, but he didn't.  So Mr. White Truck, if you're reading this, I'll be taking the same route tomorrow, at the same time, ya know, should you wanna cruise by and smile again.  As for everyone else, I take a different route every day, plus I carry protection (and I don't mean a condom), so don't get any bright ideas of stalking me during lunch.  I'd hate to have to mace a brother.
This didn't happen at lunch... it was earlier, but has been bugging me all day.  One of the guys came in and said something to another guy about his hat - something about getting it off a "blue dog", and insinuating that Hat Guy must have run said "blue dog" down, beat his ass, and taken the hat.  The hat was just a solid white Adidas (All Day I Dream About Sex) hat.
Anyone have any idea WTF he was talking about?  I won't ask him, because frankly, I think he's a waste of skin.  I asked Hat Guy, and he said he had no clue, he was just going along with him.
I tried checking Urban Dictionary, but they didn't have that phrase.  They did, however, return this as something they thought was "close".

blue jacket

Awarded to a man who has had anal sex with a female partner. Derived from British greyhound racing terminology, where the dog wearing the blue jacket traditionally starts in trap two. See also brown wings.

"I wore the blue jacket last night..."

Um, no... I don't think that's quite what he was getting at, but thanks for the education!
A Google search turned up the following, some of which are rather interesting:
1. an entry in a list of Australian Slangblow a blue dog off its chain - extremely windy
2.  A conservative Democrat who tends to vote with the Republican party.
3.  A cafe.
Of these, I think that 2 is most likely, but I don't think this dude would be into politics, and what would Adidas have to do with Democrats?  I get the sneaky feeling that he was referring to a person of a particular race in a derrogatory manner. 

Posted at 8/8/2007 10:19:14 pm by Rowan

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