Entry: Radio Edit Sunday, August 12, 2007

A friend of mine noted that when reading my blog, that someoneone who didn't know me too very well might think that I had a live in lesbian lover.  While this would be interesting (both for me and my blogs), I have to set the record straight (haha!) Let me explain:  When I mention "The Girlfriend" I am actually referring to my son's girlfriend, Gigantor, Eater of Souls.

But hey, if it gets you all squirmy to think of me as a hot bisexual, by all means, think as you will.  Oh, and if I *did* have a girlfriend, she would be smoking hot.  You better believe it.


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Smoking hot
August 27, 2007   06:10 PM PDT
HEY NOW!!! When did we become girlfriends?!?!

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