Entry: Cashews aren't really nuts, but I am. Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sometimes I wonder what people who don't work do all day long.  If I didn't work, I think my house would be immaculate, but you can only do so much damn cleaning.  I would watch Springer, and eh... Netflix too.  But there are only so many things on Netflix worth watching.  I realize that I don't have any hobbies.  I wouldn't have any friends to hang out with since they'd all be working or in another frickin' part of the country.  I'm pretty much a dud!  Hmmm...

As I sit here typing this I am making funny faces like someone is seeing me think this shit.  Maybe I should start a video blog?  Nah... I don't wanna see my fat face on the interwebs, so you probably don't either.  I suppose I could plop one of the dogs in front of the screen instead. (more funny thought faces)

This has to be the most boring blog entry I have ever written.



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