Entry: Somebody still lives here... sometimes. Friday, October 18, 2013

Well I have once again lost my E-cig so I figure this is as good a time as any to restart the blog since I'm feeling pretty pissy. 

Number One Work Pet Peeve:  Someone coming in right ass before quitting time and wanting something done.  Case in point, the very nice lady who came in at 2 mintues til to fax a buttload of papers which she spent 10 minutes sorting through for the right ones before then needing to slowly write a cover sheet.  15 minutes later, I get to go home. 

It's not that I mind doing it but she knew what time I left and still came on in.  My time is valuable.  Especially my free time.  Don't make me do work gratis just because you can't get your butt here before my shift is up.

My online world:  A 26 year old music teacher who likes to sing classical wanted to teach me the fine art of rope bondage.  Based on his weight, there's not enough rope in the world to tie him up with.  The Girlchild and I made a great effort to find the school he taught music at in hopes of sending a copy of the message he sent me to the school but had no luck.  Am I evil?  Yes I am.  A purported 18 year old asked if I could give him some advice about his mom, which turned out to be some copypasta of that thing going around the net about the kid who was in the hospital with two broken arms or somesuch whose mom "helped him out" by giving him a handjob.  I told him nice try, but he needed some original material.


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